For only $20 each calendar year, you can contribute as a member in good standing of the
Greater Long Beach Area Alumni Association
of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
That's nothing and you have two convenient ways to contribute and pay your dues.

Why Should I Pay Alumni Dues?
What do I get for $20 per year?

- The annual Alumni Newsletter (Cal Lambda Herald)
- Half off the cost to attend the Bi-Annual Alumni Steak Bakes ($5 instead of $10)

- A 25 year and/or 50 year membership certificate (FREE) mailed to you at no cost. You just need to request it (
- Satisfaction knowing the money will help pay for alumni and active events, as well as the Alumni Newsletter and this website
- The gratitude of your fellow alums
and the active chapter (Cal Lambda)

Payment Option # 1:
Make a $20 check out to "SAE Alumni" and mail it to:

Douglas Cumming (Treasurer)
1015 Newport Ave., Apt. # 203
Long Beach, CA 90804

Payment Option # 2
Pay online via Paypal with any major credit card or checking account (via ATM/debit card).
You do NOT have to be a member of Paypal to use Paypal to pay your dues, just click one of the below links:

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Click the below link to pay 2010 Alumni Dues:

Interested in contributing more or making a donation?
Donations made to the Long Beach Alumni Association allow us to continue to host alumni events throughout the year &
support the California Lambda Chapter at LB State.
Unfortunately donations to the LB Alumni Association are not tax deductible.

Donations via check should be made out to "SAE Alumni" and mailed to :

Douglas Cumming (Treasurer)
1015 Newport Ave., Apt. # 203
Long Beach, CA 90804


You can donate via Paypal by clicking on the "donation button" below:

The finances of the Alumni Association are open to all SAE's. The 2009 budget is available to any SAE interested in
seeing how the money is spent, please e-mail Douglas Cumming ( to request a copy of the budgets.
Thank you for helping to continue the great traditions of Cal Lambda & SAE, and for your continuing support of the
Greater Long Beach Area Alumni Association of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

2010 Dues Paid Alumni
We currently have 81 dues paid (2010) Alumni
Please help us reach our goal of 250 dues paid alums for the year!
(Last updated: 2/9/2010)

THANK YOU & Phi Alpha
to the following loyal brothers:

Dan Ables (Fall 1966)
Neil Aldoroty (Fall 1966)
Ken Ammann
(Fall 1961)

Thomas Andrews (Fall 1958)
Jim Armor (Spring 1958)
Tom Baker (Fall 2004)
Don Black (Spring 1959)
Mark Bottini (Fall 1980)
Bob Bowers (Fall 1967)
Steve Bowling (Spring 1968)
Bill Brand (Fall 1963)
Larry Burnight (Spring 1959)

Mike Burns (Spring 1977)
Nick Campbell (Fall 1997)
Chris Canaday (Fall 1964)
Dave Carver (Fall 1960)
Bob Chrisman (Fall 1963)
Gary Chrisman (Fall 1966)

Joe Conley (Fall 1976)
Phil Coombs (Fall 1963)
Douglas Cumming (Fall 1999)
Mike Dalton (Fall 1985)
Dennis Davis (Spring 1964)
G. Wally Davis (Fall 1959)
Spike Dietrich (Spring 1969)
Joe Dobbs (Charter Member)
Mark Eckelman (Spring 1969)
Casey Fierce (Fall 1990)
Peter Gastwirth (Fall 1965)
Howard Genrich (Iowa Delta '49)
Larry Goldsmith (Fall 1966)
Jim Gray (Fall 1955)
Jose Hanagan (Fall 1981)
Ron Hibbing (Spring 1958)
Warren Hillman (Fall 1963)
Michael Hixson (Cal Gamma, F'63)
Jeff Jones (Spring 1970)
Scott Jones (Spring 1959)
Bill Kahale (Fall 1997)
Fred Karpman (Fall 1972)
Myles Karpman (Spring 1970)
Fred Kibala (Fall 1961)
John Koppel (Fall 1976)
Creighton Lacey-Baker (Fall 1955)
Michael Lawson (Spring 1964)
Ben Lee (Spring 1997)
Ethan Lipman (Spring 1981)
Roger Lockwood (Spring 1966)
Roland Marjak (Spring 1971)
David McAnern (Fall 1955)
Duncan McIntosh
(Spring 1960)
George Medak (Spring 1962)
Ron Millar (Fall 1983)
Ken Miller (Fall 1967)
Thomas Miller (Fall 1966)
Bob Montenegro (Spring 1964)
Norm Morrow (Spring 1964)
Howard Neill (Charter Member)
Dainius Petronis (Fall 1986)
Tony Piraino (Fall 1971)
Steven Priepke (Florida Alpha '03)
Ron Quarn (Fall 1972)
Lynden Rader (Charter Member)
Bryan Redfern (Fall 2000)
Gene Reilly (Charter Member)
Chris Roza (Spring 1978)
Bill Russell (Spring 1960)
Donald Schmidt (Spring 1961)
Bert Schuman (Fall 1979)
Don Smith (Fall 1966)
Keith Stafford (Charter Member)
Lloyd Stockwell (Spring 1959)
Pat Tasson (Fall 1988)
Jim Vandemoortel (Fall 1973)
Ed Villalobos (Fall 1966)
Stephen Walden (Fall 1964)
Michael Wells (Spring 1970)
Dick Wennekamp (Fall 1962)
Bob Woods (Fall 1966)
John Zaleski (Spring 1979)
Tom Zinn (Spring 1963)

Phi Alpha!

PAST Dues Paid Alums

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